Dec. 22 from 2-5pm

What to Expect

Your child's first visit to our office is the most important one.

Your child’s 1st visit to the dentist is very important to us. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends every child visit a dentist by their 1st birthday.  By establishing a child’s “dental home” not only does this promote a healthy mouth and smile but also creates a positive outlook and consequently less fear when going to the dentist.

A typical dental appointment consists of a dental exam, age appropriate radiographs-if needed, a professional dental cleaning and a fluoride application.  We have trained staff that are excellent with children and they will help guide you and your child through the process.  It helps that our office is full of fun and engaging décor, with video games in the waiting room and TV’s above every dental chair.

We understand not all children will react the same way to the dentist and that they can have good and bad days. Your help in preparing your child for their 1st dental visit is very important. Staying positive about the dentist and not showing your own anxiety is very important. Try to keep words positive and avoid words such as hurt, shot, needle, pull, or drill. Reassure your child that the dentist and his staff are all there to help and that we will explain things to them while at their appointment.

Creating Positive Service Experiences

Hukama provides the “know better” so that professionals can “do better. ”The Hukama Toolkit provides the professional with the training and tools necessary to help welcome and more easily integrate autistic children and their families into the practice.

Will My Child Cooperate?

It is our goal to make every visit enjoyable and positive. As a parent of three myself, I understand that every parent has worries about how his or her child will behave at the dentist. Your role is crucial in helping prepare your child for their first dental visit. We suggest staying positive, we want your child to develop a favorable opinion of the dentist. Please do not share with your child any anxiety you may have about seeing the dentist.

We have found that the best thing to do is avoid using words that may cause unnecessary fear such as "hurt", "pain", "shot", "needle:, "drill" or “pull”.

Instead, you can reassure your child that the friendly doctor and staff will explain everything to him or her and answer all questions. From there we focus on using age appropriate and non-threatening words to explain our equipment and procedures.