Dec. 22 from 2-5pm

Digital Radiographs

Dental radiographs are used to help diagnose dental decay, dental infection, abnormalities, and to detect extra or missing teeth. We are committed to using the most accurate dental imaging which exposes your child to the lowest amount of radiation needed.

Digital Radiographs Schedule

ages 0-3
These images depend on teeth that have erupted, pt cooperation, and parents concerns.
ages 4-7
These images can also depend on cooperation but ideally we would like to acquire 2 bite wings and 2 digital radiographs of the front teeth. Having these digital radiographs allows doctor to do a full comprehensive exam.
ages 8-11
Starting around age 8 we like to take a panoramic radiograph. This allows doctor to evaluate for missing teeth, extra teeth, ectopic eruption, cyst, and other abnormalities. We also like to be taking bite wings to evaluate for decay.
ages 12-18
When your child has all permanent teeth we will continue to take bite wings and also a panorex once every 3-5 years. This is to evaluate the need for orthodontics, evaluate for eruption of wisdom teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, ectopic eruption of teeth, cyst, and other abnormalities.